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This three-day virtual forum for school, state, district, and regional Leadership Teams and other professionals has been designed to help increase the effectiveness of PBIS implementation.

We hope you continue to be safe 
and well during this historic and discomforting time -- battling a pandemic alongside confronting systemic racism. Out of respect 
for the health and safety of our presenters, participants, and 
staff, due to the potential 
hazards of an in-person event
 during the ongoing COVID-19 
health crisis, the 2020 PBIS Leadership Forum is shifting 
to a virtual 3-day format on 
October 21, 22, & 23, 2020 to 
ensure participation across 
all time zones. 

2021 PBIS Leadership Forum
Hilton Chicago
October 21-22, 2021

2022 PBIS Leadership Forum
Hilton Chicago
October 27-28, 2022

2023 PBIS Leadership Forum
Hilton Chicago
October 26-27, 2023



Sponsored by

Center on PBIS

The Center on PBIS with support from the Midwest PBIS Network


The 2020 Virtual National PBIS Leadership Forum is a technical assistance activity of the Center on PBIS and provides an opportunity for the Center to share information on the latest applications of PBIS. Center Partners select and organize strands, select session topics, and invite session leaders based on content area expertise. Session leaders invite exemplar presenters from sites known to be implementing specific applications of PBIS. Exemplar presenters are often identified from sites participating in the previous year’s poster presentation.
The 2020 National PBIS Leadership Forum will be held virtually on October 21-23, 2020. Each day, we will begin at 11:00am Central Time, end at 3:45pm Central Time, and have breaks between each breakout. 

Day 1 will begin with a Keynote and be followed by 2 breakout sessions highlighting single topics. Days 2 and 3 will be structured with more intensive technical assistance, with topic-specific strands containing three consecutive sessions. Participants will be able to choose one strand per day on October 22nd & 23rd. 

 Who Should Attend

This forum is organized for school, state, district, or regional leadership teams adopting and implementing school-wide PBIS. Participants may include leadership team members, implementation coaches and coordinators, district- and school-based behavior specialists (e.g., school counselors, school psychologists, special educators, coaches), PBIS trainers, program evaluators, school and district administrators, and district and state policy makers and leaders. Participants should register as a team. 

Registration & Session 
Info Now Available

Register by October 16th!

Things to Know About PBIS Forum Registration

This year, you must select the sessions and strands you would like to attend at the time of registration. 

Our legal name and Tax ID changed on July 1st. CLICK HERE to find information about payments updates.

3 Things to Know

George Sugai, Senior Advisor, Center on PBIS will provide our Keynote.

Planned session and strand topics are now available on the At-a-Glance page

Registration will be available on August 15th! There is a $50 registration fee and sessions/strands must be selected at the time of registration.

Virtual Forum Format Update

3-day Virtual Forum:
-- October 21, 22, 23

Day 1: 
Keynote followed by 2 breakouts

Days 2-3: 
Topic-specific strands with three consecutive sessions per strand/topic.

Breaks are built in to each day so you can plan your lunch, coffee, or stretching!