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2019 Featured Poster Presentations

Poster presentations provide a fun and informal opportunity to learn what other implementers have done and learned implementing PBIS and to generate discussion about how PBIS is actually working. This year’s poster presentations address a variety of topics along the School-wide PBIS continuum including classroom application, aligning systems, tier II and tier II Interventions, school climate, collaborative partnerships, restorative practices, early childhood, alternative settings and more!

  • Featured posters are in a 36” X 48” tabletop display format and some will have handouts for you to take with you.
Poster 1  

Activate the Art & Science of Positive Behavior Support in Your Home & Inspire a Higher Quality of Life for All
Kimberli Breen, Affecting Behavior Change (Chicago, IL)
This poster will depict Positive Behavior Support in action. Youth photos and implementation tool visuals, equally helpful for school, community, and home-based applications, are practical and inspiring. The goal is to empower PBS implementers to use what they know at home with their own, and other, families.
Topic/Category: Students with Disabilities, Family/Community Engagement, Social Skills

Poster 2

Closing the Gaps: District-wide Interventions to Improve Equity Among our Most Vulnerable Youth
Sara McDaniel & Shanice Carter, Alabama Positive Behavior Support (Tuscaloosa, AL)
This poster will describe a three-part implementation approach to improve equity and reduce disproportionality among discipline data.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Equity, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 3

Supporting Arkansas PBIS Coaches Through Virtual Networking Sessions
Tamara Williams & Anne Merten, Arkansas State University (State University, AR)
This poster will describe a virtual network established for PBIS Coaches in Arkansas, with specific focus on increasing collaboration and support among coaches while increasing fidelity to PBIS across Arkansas. Coaches networking sessions provide tools, resources, and examples of Tier I implementation Coaches can use with their district and school-based PBIS Teams.
Topic/Category: Coaching Systems
Poster 4  

Poster 5  

Connecting Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports & Restorative Practice to Reduce & Eliminate Disproportionate Impact in PBIS Schools
Joan Ledvina Parr, Baltimore County Public Schools (Towson, MD)
The Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Psychological Services will share information on the implementation of schoolwide PBIS and Restorative Practices and its goal to reduce and eliminate disproportionality at the school, minority subgroup, and special education subgroup levels. Specific schools and the support they receive will be highlighted. 
Topic/Category: District Planning/Training, Equity, Restorative Practices
Poster 6  

Re-energizing Your High School PBIS
Brandon Chapman & Megan Parks, Bendle High School (Burton, MI)
This poster will describe mid-year rejuvenation strategies for faltering and forgotten PBIS at the High School level.
Topic/Category: High School Implementation
Poster 7  

Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences Through Positive Behavior Support
Danielle Empson & Tim Knoster, Bloomsburg University (Bloomsburg, PA)
Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that can have a life-long negative impact on growth and development. This poster will provide information about ACEs & trauma and how to facilitate a trauma-sensitive classroom through Positive Behavior Support.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Mental Health, Blending Academics/Behavior
Poster 8  

Association for Positive Behavior Support
Tim Knoster, Association for Positive Behavior Support (Lewisburg, PA)
This poster will provide information about the relationship and relevance of the Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) to support PBIS, how becoming a member can further support PBIS outreach, and the process to become a member of APBS.
Topic/Category: Aligning Systems
Poster 9  

RK-12 Rural Schools Research Project: Studying School-wide PBIS Implementation in Rural Settings
Nate Anderson & Tate Castleton, Boise State University (Boise, ID)
RK-12 Rural Schools Research is meant to further our understanding of School-wide PBIS implementation and outcomes, in rural settings. This large-scale study is examining the effectiveness of the Idaho Rural Implementation Model (I-RIM), an approach that promises to improve the success of scaling of School-wide PBIS by focusing on the unique needs of rural schools.
Topic/Category: Rural Implementation, Evaluation/Research, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 10  

Understanding the Unique Safety-related Needs & Challenges of Rural Schools
Nate Anderson, Tate Castleton, & Hannah Calvert, Boise State University (Boise, ID)
This poster will present information about perceived safety needs and challenges at rural schools. Data from 182 respondents at 40 rural schools were gathered during the baseline needs and capacity assessment of a randomized controlled trial to test strategies to accelerate the implementation of School-wide PBIS with fidelity.
Topic/Category: Rural Implementation, Evaluation/Research, Foundations/Getting Started
Poster 11  

The Idaho Rural Implementation Model: An Approach to Scaling School-wide PBIS in Remote Locations
Tate Castleton & Nate Anderson, Boise State University (Boise, ID)
The Idaho Rural Implementation Model (I-RIM), an approach that promises to improve the success of scaling of School-wide PBIS by focusing on the unique needs of rural schools, is currently being investigated in a large scale randomized controlled trial involving 40 schools.
Topic/Category: Rural Implementation, Evaluation/Research, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 12  

What School Leaders Should Know About Supporting Novice Teachers' Classroom Management Skills
Janet VanLone, Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA)
This poster may be of interest to coaches, administrators, teacher educators, and early career teachers who wish to improve class-wide PBIS implementation and improve teacher retention rates. Recommendations for using video analysis to support early career teachers will be shared.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Coaching Systems, Using Technology
Poster 13
Enhancing Tier I PBIS to Promote Wellness for ALL Students
Tami Johnson & Ericka Smith, Cajon Valley Union School District (El Cajon, CA)
This poster will show how World of Work, a curriculum created by a district to supplement Tier 1 intervention efforts, is helping students achieve their academic and social emotional goals. Now in its second year, the district has seen improvements in relationships among teachers and students, family engagement has increased, and student behavior concerns are on the decrease. 
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Classroom Applications, Social Skills
Poster 14  

Promoting Positive School Climate: A District Perspective
Gina M. Ryan & Nicole Albee, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools (Flint, MI)
The poster will showcase implemented procedures and data collected at a district level over the last four years that emphasizes positive school climate.  District and building teams focus on fidelity of implementation, student outcomes, and review early warning indicators that include a universal screener and perception survey for all stakeholders.
Topic/Category: Data Systems, District Planning/Training
Poster 15  

Tier II Supports & Effectiveness: An Examination of the Impact of Group Counseling & Mentoring for At-risk Students at One Diverse Elementary School
Anna Tush, Charles Barrett Elementary School (Alexandria, VA)
This poster will analyze the effectiveness of group counseling and mentoring interventions across two years in a school that has been implementing PBIS since 2007. Students identified as requiring Tier II or Tier III supports received an adult mentor and/or group counseling supports, and/or Tier III supports of Check-in Check-out and individual behavior plans. Descriptions of the interventions will be outlined and data supporting the effectiveness will be shared.
Topic/Category: Tier II/Tier III
Poster 16  

An Evolution of Tier I Coaching in an Urban School Setting
Brianna Olsen & Rebecca DeVries, City School District of Albany (Albany, NY)
This poster will outline two different approaches to measuring Tier I implementation within a small urban school district. Data outcomes of each approach are highlighted, as well as consensus regarding the need to intertwine behavior and academics to achieve a true Multi-tiered Systems of Support model.
Topic/Category: Urban Implementation, Blending Academics/Behavior, Coaching Systems
Poster 17  

State Implementation of PBIS: Scaling Up & Lessons Learned in Colorado
Lynne DeSousa & Jason Harlacher, Colorado Department of Education (Denver, CO)
This poster will address the Colorado Department of Education's efforts to scale-up PBIS using a "state to district-coaches" model for both Tier I and Tier II. Fidelity data (Tiered Fidelity Inventory), student referral data, lessons learned, and future directions will be shared.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Tier II
Poster 18  

Poster 19  

Multi-tiered Systems of Classroom Management Support: A Pilot Installation of Tier I Professional Development in Urban Schools
Brittany Zakszeski & Lisa Thomas, Devereux Center for Effective Schools (King of Prussia, PA)
In-service professional development (PD) through multi-tiered systems of support may promote teachers’ implementation of evidence-based classroom management practices.  This poster will describe evaluation of a Tier I PD package comprised of aggregated performance feedback, direct training, goal-setting, and self-monitoring to target general educators’ use of behavior-specific praise.
Topic/Category: Urban Implementation, Classroom Applications, Coaching Systems
Poster 20  

Using Supportive Behavioral Supervision to Increase Staff’s Implementation of PBIS Practices in an Alternative School
Lisa Thomas & Taylor Wyatt, Devereux Center for Effective Schools (King of Prussia, PA)
This poster will provide an overview of organizational behavior management strategies employed by school administrators to enhance staff’s implementation fidelity of PBIS practices in an alternative school. A supervision model that can be used to enhance the performance of staff, and in turn, positively impact the students served will be shared.
Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Classroom Applications, Coaching Systems
Poster 21  

Leveraging Leadership
Katie Andreasen, Excelsior Springs School District (Excelsior Springs, MO)
How can leaders leverage the strengths and skills they possess to make this success occur in their PBS framework using tasks that are already part of their job description?  This poster will show how utilizing action planning, professional development, teacher evaluation and growth, and addressing office discipline referrals supports PBS success.
Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Foundations/Getting Started, Leadership
Poster 22  

Interconnected School Framework & PBIS
Nicolette Cheff & Amy O'Hare, Genesee Intermediate School District (Flint, MI)
Genesee Intermediate School District in Flint, Michigan works to be a leader in PBIS practices across the 21 local school districts and 13 public school academies.  This poster will provide data showing a direct correlation between PBIS with trauma-informed, restorative practices, and community agencies for higher student outcomes.
Topic/Category: Mental Health, Data Systems, Tier II/Tier III
Poster 23  

Godwin Heights PRIDE
Michael Porco & Katie Hoffman, Godwin Heights High School (Wyoming, MI)
The poster will provide an overview of an urban high school’s work to integrate MTSS and PBIS. Roll out of behavior expectations and lessons to all staff and students during the first week of school and information on various initiatives that go along with those lessons will be shared. Data for attendance, behavior, and course proficiency supporting the use of PBIS and MTSS will be provided. 
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Urban Implementation, High School Implementation
Poster 24  

Leading by Example: An Educational Program Within Juvenile Detention
Lucy Jackson & Colleen Rivera, Grant Wood Area Education Agency Detention School (Cedar Rapids, IA)
How do you create a successful revolutionary new PBIS program when you are an educational program within a correctional facility?  This poster will describe the efforts of a small piece of one bureaucratic agency working within another bureaucratic agency trying to build capacity and change mindsets successfully throughout the correctional facility.
Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Juvenile Justice
Poster 25
Tier II Tips & Tools
Mirinda Roberts & Julie Mahl, Helke Elementary (Vandalia, OH)
Helke Elementary is a 2016 Ohio PBIS Bronze award winner and 2018 Ohio PBIS Silver award winner for implementation of Tier II. This poster will share successes and challenges of how to effectively use Tier II supports within PBIS.
Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Classroom Applications, Tier II
Poster 26  

Aiming for Equity by Empowering Student Voice Through a Turnaround School Improvement Model
Elizabeth Cardenas, Hillsborough County Public Schools (Tampa, FL)
This poster will describe how Hillsborough County Public School is implementing an ambitious school improvement model aimed at designing equitable practices for school discipline and empowering student voice. Specific PBIS practices and Student Listening Circles (SLC) will be highlighted.
Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, District Planning/Training, Equity
Poster 27  

PBIS on the Bus: How to Create Rolling PBIS classrooms
Joe Roselle, Laveen School District (Laveen, AZ)
This poster will include PBIS expectations, behavior flow chart, ODR data, overview of training, current accomplishments and next steps.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, PBIS on the Bus
Poster 28  

A Cross Disciplinary Online Certificate in School Discipline Reform
Miranda B. Johnson, Jennifer Rose, & Pam Fenning, Loyola University (Chicago, IL)
This poster will describe a cross-disciplinary eight credit graduate online certificate program in school discipline reform developed by law and school psychology university faculty. The curriculum focused on conducting a needs assessment, developing skills in restorative practices and action planning will be highlighted. Lessons learned and initial outcomes will be shared.       
Topic/Category: Data Systems, Technical Assistance, Restorative Practices
Poster 29  

Poster 30  

The Power of Mentoring
Deborah Bertram & JoeDee Hettermann, McHenry School District #15 (McHenry, IL)
"Students who feel connected to the school and an adult within the school are more likely to attend school regularly, stay in school, and graduate." (CDC, 2009) This poster will describe a Check-in Check-out mentoring system where students with behavioral or emotional needs are linked with a staff mentor that provides positive advocacy to students.  Data will be shared which reflect that within 12 weeks at least 90% of students on the mentoring system have met their behavioral or academic goals at 80% accuracy or more.    
Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Data Systems, Tier II
Poster 31  

Empowering Teachers to be Problem Solvers to Support All Learners: Behavior Interventions in the Classroom
Stephanie Dyer & Melissa Nantais, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Saint Johns, MI)
This poster will focus on a professional learning structure to build foundational knowledge of behavior science and applying that knowledge to the selection of intervention strategies for low intensity, high frequency behaviors in the classroom. 
Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, District Planning/Training
Poster 32
Building an Efficient, Effective, & Equitable Intervention System
Stephanie Dyer & Melissa Nantais, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Saint Johns, MI)
Lessons learned from implementation point to an overemphasis on intervention selection and an under emphasis on intervention systems which contribute to the potential abandonment of interventions that are not well used (VanDerHeyden & Tilly, 2010). This poster will focus on intentional efforts to build an efficient, effective, and equitable intervention system.
Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Data Systems, Tier II/Tier III
Poster 33  

Building State Infrastructure to Support Training Capacity
Stephanie Dyer & Melissa Nantais, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Saint Johns, MI)
This poster will highlight the intentional development of a network of state trainers to support all Michigan students. The focus will be on the application of implementation science and adult learning strategies to support the development of local training capacity for School-wide PBIS across the State of Michigan. 
Topic/Category: Technical Assistance, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 34  

Data, Systems, & Practices, Oh MI!
Allison Olivo & Melissa Nantais, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Flint, MI)
Having access to and using fidelity and outcome data are critical components of sustained implementation of School-wide PBIS. This poster will highlight the data, systems, and practices utilized to support building local capacity for behavior data coordination across the State of Michigan.
Topic/Category: Data Systems, District Planning/Training, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 35  

Sustaining PBIS: Resources for District Coordinators
Allison Olivo & Valerie Vandlen, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Flint, MI)
This poster will highlight the process being implemented within Michigan’s School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG) to assist local leadership in maintaining their district infrastructure to support School-wide PBIS beyond the three-year training scope and sequence provided. Sample resources and guiding documents for PBIS Coordinators will be shared.
Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, District Planning/Training, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 36  

Adapting a District Coaching System: Contextual Considerations
Valerie Vandlen & Allison Olivo, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Dewitt, MI)
This poster will highlight district Coaching Systems that support the sustained use of School-wide PBIS and the variables that may need to be altered for contextual fit. Examples of Coaching Systems from different districts will be shared to demonstrate how they are adapted based on district size, resources, and personnel.
Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, District Planning/Training, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 37  

Increasing Impact by Aligning Practices & Programs Within a PBIS Framework
Matthew Hoge & Mark Fynewever, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Holland, MI)
This poster will outline how schools implementing PBIS can align associative programs and practices to increase their impact on student outcomes. The focus of this poster will be on the process for program/practice selection, the procedure for alignment within a PBIS Framework, and examples of how this practice has been conducted.  
Topic/Category: Aligning Systems
Poster 38  

Scaffolding Supports for School-level Problem Solving
Dave Gough & Sarah Weaver, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Portage, MI)
Developing routines frees up cognitive energy to focus on what is critical. Within Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative’s integrated Model and Michigan’s School Climate Transformation Grant, routines for the review and use of data based on a four-step problem-solving process have been developed. This poster highlights the data review routine and scaffolds to support teams.
Topic/Category: Data Systems, Evaluation/Research, Data-Based Decision Making
Poster 39  

The Michigan Model Pilot for Reducing Disproportionality in Discipline
Ruth Payno-Simmons & Beth Hill, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Holland, MI)
This poster provides an overview of the five-year journey Michigan’s Integrated Behavior & Learning Supports Initiative has engaged in through collaborating with the Michigan Department of Education and National PBIS TA Center. The pilot’s purpose is to develop an implementation model seeking to increase equitable practices and reduce discipline disproportionality related to race and ethnicity.
Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Equity
Poster 40
Decreasing Exceptional Student Education Disproportionality Using Applied Behavioral Strategies Within Inclusive Classrooms
Maryanne Nickel & Amy Donaldson, Monroe County School District (Key West, FL)
This poster will describe how the use of applied behavioral strategies, data collection methods, and technical assistance within inclusive classrooms decreased office discipline referrals (ODRs) and disproportionality for students with disabilities. Training methods focusing on how to implement highlighted strategies and technical assistance to support teacher efforts will be shared.
Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Technical Assistance, Equity
Poster 41  

Impacting Student Engagement: Classroom Level Coaching Delivers Results
Jennifer Nelson & Amy Henry, Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (Muskegon, MI)
Coaching services were a primary focus of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District School Climate Transformation Grant.  This poster will provide data demonstrating improvements gained using coaching activities in areas of student engagement, increasing positive interactions, and regaining instructional time. 
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Classroom Applications, Coaching Systems
Poster 42  

Integrating Initiatives: District-wide Plan of Implementation for PBIS & Social Emotional Learning Through Standards-based Grading
Phyllis Vermilyea & Laurie Maughan, Nampa School District #131 (Nampa, ID)
This poster will show how collaboration with the District Curriculum and Instruction Team, Assistant Superintendent, Executive Directors of Elementary and Secondary Education and Special Education helped to create an implementation guide for PBIS, a ten-year timeline and website with training modules, based on CASEL Competencies and Guskey, O’Connor, Reeves and Dueck research on standards-based grading.
Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, District Planning/Training, Foundations/Getting Started
Poster 43  

Nevada's School Climate Transformation Project
Kaci Fleetwood & Jodie Soracco, Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center (Reno, NV)
This poster will summarize five years of work in Nevada on behalf of the School Climate Transformation Project. State level outcomes will be shared in terms of policy and infrastructure milestones, implementation reach, fidelity, and student behavior.
Topic/Category: Rural Implementation, Urban Implementation, State Level Planning/Training
Poster 44  

Creating a Positive School Climate by Promoting Social, Emotional, & Academic Development Through a Multi-tiered System of Support Framework
Jodie Soracco & Michelle Trujillo, Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center (Reno, NV)
Momentum is growing across the nation to articulate social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies. Fidelity is key and can be improved by the integration with an multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework. This poster will provide a crosswalk of social, emotional, and academic development/SEL competencies within the core elements of MTSS, including examples for implementation and integration. 
Topic/Category: Aligning Systems
Poster 45  

Making Tier I & Tier II Work in High School
Amanda Morton & Donna Lobato, New Dawn Charter High School (Brooklyn, NY)
This poster will illustrate how to use school-wide systems to acknowledge prosocial behaviors, increase motivation, and develop and strengthen positive relationships with peers and adults at the High School level, including impact on academic performance and test scores.
Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Equity, High School Implementation
Poster 46
Restorative Practices Using an Multi-tiered Systems of Support Model at the Middle School
Laurie Palmisano & Sandra Ordan, Newark Central School District (Newark, NY)
This poster will describe a middle school's experience in embedding Restorative Practices within a multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) model. Data showing a significant reduction in ODRs and in and out of school suspensions will be shared.
Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, Restorative Practices
Poster 47  

Mountie Proud Tier II - Check-In Check-Out
Shelby Ambs & Karen Dextrom, Northwest Community Schools (Jackson, MI)
This poster will demonstrate how Tier II can be implemented with fidelity within an early elementary (Young Fives through 2nd Grade) school building of approximately 850 students. Tier II criteria, tracking methods, meeting agendas, student reports and staff communication methods for sharing student progress will be shared. 
Topic/Category: Early Childhood, Tier II
Poster 48  

PBIS on the Bus - Addressing the "Whole Child"
Nicole Tokar & Cari Bushinski, Northwest Community Schools (Jackson, MI)
This poster will highlight implementing PBIS on the bus with a contracted transportation company. It will provide a timeline and systematic ways that collaboration occurred as well as lessons learned from the installation and implementation process. The poster will depict how district-wide bus expectations decreased bus suspensions.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, Foundations/Getting Started
Poster 49  

Families & Schools Working Together: Family Engagement Rubrics - A Planning Tool for PBIS Teams
Emily Jordan, Ohio PBIS Network (Columbus, OH)
This poster will share the Ohio PBIS Network’s Family Engagement Rubrics and Guides for PBIS teams who are ready to partner with families. These rubrics and guides were created to provide PBIS teams with information and a consistent way to measure family engagement within their PBIS framework. PBIS teams can use the rubrics on a regular schedule to track progress and to focus planning for the next stage of family engagement.
Topic/Category: Family/Community Engagement
Poster 50  

Integrating Behavioral & Social Emotional Learning Assessment to Identify Bullying Behavior & Guide Prosocial Interventions
J. Lynsey Psimas & Chris Huzinec, Pearson Assessments (San Antonio, TX)
This poster will offer a comprehensive, evidence-based solution to assess and intervene upon Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. Ways to use the Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) SEL to improve SEL in students who engage in bullying behaviors will be highlighted and proactive prevention, intervention, and strategies for bystanders will be emphasized.
Topic/Category: Bully Prevention, Tier II/Tier III, Social Skills
Poster 51  

Crisis Management: We Can Do Better
Felicity Post, Peru State College (Peru, NE) & Reesha Adamson, Missouri State University (Springfield, MO)
This poster will highlight information regarding the use of seclusion and restraint as a form of crisis management in schools. Information on educator perception regarding the crisis cycle and de-escalation strategies will be shared as well as considerations in teacher training. 
Topic/Category: Seclusion/Restraint, Crisis Management
Poster 52  

Targeting Economically Disadvantaged Test Scores through Interconnected Systems Framework's Tiers of Intervention
Andrew Tevlin & Gary Harmon, Pinewood Middle School (Grand Rapids, MI)
This poster will describe how implementing PBIS helped a sixth-grade classroom show a 15% increase in math scores in the subgroup of economically disadvantaged students and an 18% increase in English and language arts over two years. Implementation focused on the integration of a multi-tiered system of support and community mental health to create an Interconnected Systems Framework with deliberate integration of SEL skills into Tier I.  Quantitative data illustrating increase in state assessment scores from 2015 to 2018 will be shared.
Topic/Category: Mental Health, Aligning Systems, Blending Academics/Behavior
Poster 53  

Data & Culture Changes Everything: CLASS Academy
Jeremy Angus & Joy Metzler, The Prevention Network (Baden, PA)
This poster will describe CLASS Academy’s unique ability to specialize in a PBIS implementation system that meets the individual needs of students in Tier II and Tier III levels. A 10:1 student to teacher ratio has allowed the school team to gain a deep understanding of the level of support and type of incentives which students from diverse backgrounds respond to. With a near 90% attendance rate, CLASS Academy utilizes data through the SWIS Data System to customize and tailor each student’s school experience and become a driving force behind their success.
Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Data Systems, Tier II/Tier III
Poster 54  

It Works in Alternative High Schools. Promise.
Jeremy Angus & Joy Metzler, The Prevention Network, (Baden, PA)
CLASS Academy, an alternative education school located in Pittsburgh, PA, works with students in grades 7-12 and is the only private alternative education facility in the state to obtain fidelity in all three tiers of School-wide PBIS. This poster will describe an approach to integrating mental health support to students through increased and creative programs. Successes as well the challenges to program development will be shared.
Topic/Category: Mental Health, Alternative Settings, High School Implementation
Poster 55
Strengthening Tier I in School & On the Bus: Whiz Kids are Class Acts
Christopher Miller, Tracie Upton, & Shelley Camp, R. Bruce Wagner Elementary (Lakeland, FL)
This poster will describe core features of R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School’s Tier I system, including their Move the Bus Program and Whiz Kid Pledge.  Instructional approaches and strategic use of reinforcement will be described including data indicating 60-70% reductions in discipline referrals.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, Coaching Systems
Poster 56  

Teachers Implementing Systems to Support Effective Classroom Practice – Effects on Teacher Practice & Student Behaviour
Sharonne Telfer & Jennifer Payne, Rypple Ltd (Donnybrook, Western Australia)
This poster will show the effects of implementing Systems to Support Effective Classroom Practice on teacher use of practices and student behaviour errors and engagement with learning.  Teaching Teachers to be Effective Classroom Practice Coaches and implement multi-component professional learning for their colleagues, and using data collection (observation) and structured data-based decision making will be shared.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Classroom Applications, Data Systems
Poster 57
An Investigation of PBIS & District Level Implementation
Jane Crawford & Ryan Bergeson, Saint Louis University (St. Louis, MO)
This poster will describe key findings gleaned from a confidential survey of Missouri Superintendents and designees on PBIS implementation. Recommendations for the future will be shared, including more equitable and sustainable Tier II and Tier III interventions to be implemented across school districts in order to better support all students. 
Topic/Category: District Planning/Training, Tier II/Tier III, Tier II
Poster 58  

The Journey to PRIDE at Saluda River Academy of the Arts
James LeBlanc & Susan Shope Thomas, Saluda River Academy of the Arts (West Columbia, SC)
This poster will showcase the journey of Saluda River Academy of the Arts from the exploration and readiness stage of implementation to the initial implementation stage. It will feature data and pictures. The school administrators and team members will share the implementation journey. 
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I
Poster 59  

A Meta-analysis to Examine Using Functional Behavioral Assessment to Decrease Problem Behavior in Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders
Emily Woofenden, Halley Eacker, Kevin Quinn, & Mariola Moeyaert, State University of New York at Albany (Albany, NY)
A systematic literature review was conducted of studies on function-based approaches to assessment and intervention for students with EBD in schools. This poster will summarize search procedures, study characteristics, and results from a hierarchical linear model that evaluated effectiveness across studies. Implications for research and practice are included.
Topic/Category: Students with Disabilities, FBA/BIP, Tier II/Tier III
Poster 60  

Classroom Management Practices in Title I Schools
Megan P. Fedewa & Sara McDaniel, University of Alabama  (Tuscaloosa, AL)
This poster will provide a cross-sectional analysis of observational data of classroom management and student engagement in a Title I elementary school with School-wide PBIS in place, with specific focus on investigating the relationship between School-wide PBIS and actual implementation of classroom management. Results will be presented across participant, across time, for each observation subscale. 
Topic/Category: Urban Implementation, Blending Academics/Behavior, Classroom Applications
Poster 61
Using Technology-based Self-monitoring Interventions to Reduce Off-task Behaviors: A Systematic Review
Xin Xu, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
This poster will summarize a systematic review of empirical articles examining off-task interventions to identify a timeline and a list of technology-based self-monitoring, similarities and differences across different technologies, and howtechnologies affect students’ development in academic and behavioral domains.
Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Tier II/Tier III, Using Technology
Poster 62  

Poster 63  

Effective Practice to Prevent Outplacement of Students to Alternative School Settings
Sang Gyu Byun, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
This poster will present the findings of a systematic literature review conducted to identify and evaluate school practices to prevent the outplacement of students to alternative school settings. Results indicate social behavior and academic supports that find the target population early and use data-based decision making process would be effective to reduce outplacement rates.
Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Juvenile Justice, Tier II/Tier III
Poster 64
A Systematic Review of High School PBIS Tier I Implementation
Sara Estrapala, Ashley Rila, Allison Bruhn, University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
This poster will present a review of high school Tier I implementation literature, with specific focus on adaptations/ modifications to typical Tier I plans to suit the unique contextual variables of high schools, reported behavioral and academic student outcomes, and recommendations for future research and practice.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, High School Implementation

Poster 65  

One Year Later: Using Data to Track the Impact of PBIS in One High School
Sara Estrapala, Ashley Rila, & Allison Bruhn, Liberty High School, University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
Using data from multiple sources, a high school PBIS team assessed the impact of the Tier I system after one year. This poster will describe the Tier I PBIS system and report results from the student survey, self-assessment survey, Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI), and student-level data pre-post Tier I implementation.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Data Systems, High School Implementation
Poster 66  

Installing Systematic Screening District-wide: Structures for Success
Mark Matthew Buckman, Kathleen Lynne Lane, & Rebecca Sherod, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS); Katie Scarlett Lane, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN); Wendy Peia Oakes, Arizona State University
This poster will focus on how school districts can identify reliable and valid systematic screeners, establish procedures to facilitate screening across multiple schools, and support systematic structures to empower educators to employ screening data to connect students to support.
Topic/Category: Data Systems, Universal Screening
Poster 67  

Including the Excluded: Strategies for High Impact Educational Engagement of Vulnerable Youth
Shiralee Poed, Nathaniel Swain, & Imogen Cowan, University of Melbourne (Carlton, Victoria, Australia)
Children entering a youth justice facility often present with a history of school disengagement. Teachers supporting these vulnerable youth while in custody are tasked with reigniting connectedness to school. This poster explores ten evidence-based Tier I High-Impact Engagement Strategies to increase student engagement and promote positive behavioral change.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Alternative Settings, Juvenile Justice

Poster 68  

Use of the Check-in Check-out Intervention for Students with Internalizing Behavioral Challenges
Kelsey R. Morris & Lisa Powers, University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)
This poster will describe a study to investigate the impact of the standard Check-in, Check-out intervention on students identified with internalizing behavior concerns. Data for this study were collected using screening scores, teacher ratings of internalizing behaviors (e.g., BASC), and intervention data (e.g., daily progress reports).
Topic/Category: Evaluation/Research, Tier II

Poster 69  

An Exploratory Study of Check-in Check-out Implementation in Secondary Schools
Angus Kittelman & Katie Conley, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)
This poster will present a study to examine Check-in Check-out implementation in secondary (middle and high) schools. School-level data related to school capacity and student engagement in Check-in Check-out will be shared.  
Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, Data Systems, Tier II
Poster 70  

The Role of Implementation Fidelity Measures in PBIS
Katie Conley, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)
The focus on data-driven decisions in PBIS is well-documented, but standards for balancing fidelity and outcome data are still emerging. This poster will explore the rationale for incorporating both fidelity and outcome measures into progress monitoring routines and identify considerations for selecting and using fidelity measures into decision routines.
Topic/Category: Data Systems, District Planning/Training, Foundations/Getting Started
Poster 71  

Applying a Restorative Lens to PBIS
Sherry Schoenberg & Amy Wheeler-Sutton, University of Vermont (Burlington, VT)
The University of Vermont’s BEST Project supports many Vermont schools in aligning Restorative Practices (RP) within the PBIS framework. This poster will demonstrate the alignment of PBIS and RP in training and practice, highlight preliminary data on change in practice due to aligned training, and discuss implications for the future.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, Restorative Practices
Poster 72  

PBIS Foundations of Implementation in the U.S. Virgin Islands – Achievements, Challenges, & Lessons Learned on the Road to Recovery
Darian Torrice-Hairston, Virgin Islands Department of Education (St. Thomas, VI)
After two Category 5 hurricanes devastated the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017, the PBIS division has sought to rebuild programs within the public schools through enhanced coaching systems and support. Limited supplies and resources, coupled with technology issues, require creative alternatives for implementation and data collection.
Topic/Category: Rural Implementation, Evaluation/Research, Foundations/Getting Started
Poster 73  

A Systemic Approach to Implementing Innovations for Social & Emotional Learning Within a Multi-tiered System of Support
Kristin Hendricks & Elizabeth Paschal, Wake County Public School System (Cary, NC)
This poster will present a highly strategic, efficient, relevant, and effective way to implement an integrated approach to Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) using a multi-tiered system of support.  It will also demonstrate how a District Implementation Team worked side by side with selected school staff to braid initiatives into classroom instruction and bridge research to practice. 
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, District Planning/Training
Poster 74  

PAWS at the Park: An Overview of the "Pawsitive" PBIS Practices at Whittemore Park Middle School
Jessica Reddout, Whittemore Park Middle School (Conway, SC)
This poster will provide an overview of Whittemore Park Middle School’s first year of PBIS implementation.  "Pawsitive" practices, the multi-tiered system of supports, and a comparison of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 data will be shared.  
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Foundations/Getting Started, Social Skills
Poster 75  

Professional Development in PBIS through Flipped Learning
Rachel Turney, William Woods (Fulton, MO)
Flipped learning for professional development in PBIS can help teachers gain confidence in classroom management. This poster will examine one study on the effects of flipped instruction on teacher confidence, recommendations for extension of video instruction, and theory in flipped instruction best practices.
Topic/Category: District Planning/Training, Foundations/Getting Started, Using Technology
Poster 76  

Occupational Therapy-Physical Therapy Suggested Multi-tiered System of Support Tier I Strategies for the Classroom
Tracey Dumphy & Rick Bowmaster, Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools (Williamsburg, VA)
This poster will provide a multi-tiered system of supports Tier I overview of classroom strategies that support the work of occupational and physical therapists in the universal classroom setting.  Practical classroom strategies for teachers, suggestions for handling sensory motor deficits, and the “Have You tried...Suggestions” document will be shared. 
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Early Childhood, Social Skills
Poster 77  

Building Community as a Catalyst for Change
Martin Da Costa, Vicky Karahalios, Nicole Gabryel, Kristen King, & Julie Lucash, Winston Campus Junior High School (Palatine, IL)
This poster will describe a case example of how a junior high in a diverse, suburban school district increased fidelity of practices at the Tier I level by building school-wide community, empowering teachers as leaders of change, increasing responsiveness to data, and engaging in culturally/linguistically responsive professional development.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Family/Community Engagement, Foundations/Getting Started
Poster 78  

Talking So People Will Listen: Strategies to Increase Buy-In for Tier I PBIS
Katrina Emerich & Betsy Lazega, Florida Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support Project (Tampa, FL)
This poster will share strategies to increase motivation of school-based faculty/staff to use Tier I PBIS through techniques derived from motivational interviewing and reframing. These strategies will help to enhance relationships and collaborative planning with resistant stakeholders.
Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Coaching Systems