OSEP Technical Assistance Center on PBIS 2018 PBIS Leadership Forum

Featured Poster Presentations
 Join us on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 for our Poster & Networking Session from 5 to 7 pm! 

Poster presentations provide a fun and informal opportunity to learn what other implementers have done and learned implementing PBIS and to generate discussion about how PBIS is actually working. This year’s poster presentations address a variety of topics along the School-wide PBIS continuum including classroom application, aligning systems, tier II and tier II Interventions, school climate, collaborative partnerships, restorative practices, early childhood, alternative settings and more!

  • Featured posters are in a 36” X 48” tabletop display format and some will have handouts for you to take with you.

Poster 1

Activate the Art & Science of Positive Behavior Support in Your Home to Inspire a Higher Quality of Life for All

Kimberli Breen, Affecting Behavior Change Inc. (Chicago, IL)

This colorful, instructional poster will depict Positive Behavior Support (PBS) in action. Youth photos and implementation tool visuals, equally helpful for school, community and home-based applications, are both practical and inspiring. The goal is to empower PBS implementers to use effective work skills at home with their own families.

Topic/Category: Family/Community Engagement, Foundations/Getting Started, Social Skills

Poster 2 Cancelled

Poster 3

Connecting Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports & Restorative Practice to Reduce & Eliminate Disproportionate Impact in PBIS Schools

Joan Ledvina Parr, Baltimore County Public Schools (Towson, MD)

The Office of Psychological Services, Baltimore County Public Schools, will share information on the implementation of School-wide PBIS and Restorative Practices, and its goal to reduce and eliminate disproportionality at the school, minority subgroup, and special education subgroup levels. Specific schools, and the support they receive, will be highlighted.    

Topic/Category: District Planning/Training, Equity, Restorative Practices

Poster 4

Using Data to Drive Change at Bendle High School

Brandon Chapman, Bendle High School (Burton, MI)

This poster will provide a comprehensive look at how SWIS data was used to bring about positive academic and behavioral change in a high school setting.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Data Systems, High School Implementation

Poster 5

Association for Positive Behavior Support

Tim Knoster, Association for Positive Behavior Support (Lewisburg, PA)

Association for Positive Behavior Supports (APBS) is a membership organization that engages in varied activities and endeavors to promote Positive Behavior Support. This poster will provide information about how APBS places the greatest emphasis on expanding the emerging science of Positive Behavior Support. It will also describe how APBS invests its resources in supporting networks related to design and implementation of Positive Behavior Support across various contexts.

Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, Technical Assistance, District Planning/Training

Poster 6

Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Through Positive Behavior Support

Danielle Empson & Tim Knoster, Bloomsburg University (Bloomsburg, PA)

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that can have a lifelong, negative impact on growth and development. This poster will provide information about ACEs & trauma, and how to facilitate a trauma-sensitive classroom through Positive Behavior Support.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Mental Health, Blending Academics/Behavior

Poster 7

The Effects of Video Self-analysis on Pre-service Teachers' Use of Behavior Specific Praise

Janet VanLone, Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA)

This poster will share the purpose, methods, and results of an experimental study designed to test the effects of a technology-supported, multi-component intervention on student teachers' use of behavior specific praise. Additionally, a review of the literature on pre-service teacher training in classroom management will be shared. Implications for practice, research, and policy will be discussed.

Topic/Category: Other, Coaching Systems, Using Technology

Poster 8

Using Google Documents to Collect & Analyze Tier II/III Data

Christopher Heim, Buffalo Public Schools (Buffalo, NY)

Tier II/III interventions are effective in addressing student behavior, but often require significant time for data collection and analysis. This poster will describe how several schools in a large, urban setting used Google Documents to streamline the data collection of Daily Progress Report (DPR) cards among several interventions.

Topic/Category: Data Systems, Tier II/Tier III, Using Technology

Poster 9

Using Technology to Enhance PBIS Systems & Practices

Sarah Smith, Bullitt County Public School (Shepherdsville, KY)

This poster will describe how one public school district is working to align systems throughout the district to unify measures of fidelity for Tier I implementation and above. Learn how one district-level PBIS coach uses Google Sheets and other technology sources to enhance collaboration between schools and district for PBIS fidelity.  

Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, District Planning/Training, Using Technology

Poster 10

Whatever It Takes: High School Implementation

Michelle Bradford, Sara Izzard, Ashley Anthony, & Andrew Platek, Cabarrus County Schools (Concord, NC)

This poster will highlight the efforts that four high schools in Concord, NC have made towards implementing PBIS to enhance academic and behavior outcomes for all students. Areas of focus will include: establishing readiness; creating investment opportunities; installing effective universal and intervention practices; and using data to support team-based problem solving.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Coaching Systems, High School Implementation

Poster 11

Scaling Up PBIS in California Supporting Integrating & Alignment of Service

Michael Lombardo California PBIS Coalition (Auburn, CA) & Rebecca Celes Mendiola,

San Diego County Office of Education (San Diego, CA)

The poster will provide a full range of information on using a collaborative state network to scale up PBIS including, information that reflects implementation sites at nearly 2,700 schools. Data includes demographics, Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI),  the relationship between suspension and implementation, and California Dashboard.

Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, Foundations/Getting Started, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 12

The Cayman Islands PBIS Network - A Model for Small State/Island Implementation

Sean Cahill, Cayman Islands Ministry of Education (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

This poster will include examples of teaming structures and a timeline of key pre-implementation preparation milestones. Video clips and photos will be shared about progress in implementing the PBIS Tier I framework across the Cayman Islands Government school community.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Foundations/Getting Started, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 13

Using the School-wide Expectations Survey for Specific Settings to Build Behavior Expectation Matrices

David J. Royer & Kathleen Lynne Lane, Ci3T Research Team & Partners (Lawrence, KS)

This poster will illustrate procedural steps and ten schools’ use of the School-wide Expectations Survey for Specific Settings (SESSS) to gather opinions of all faculty and staff about student behavioral expectations critical for success in seven school settings, following a data-informed approach to building their school-wide behavior expectation matrices.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, District Planning/Training, Foundations/Getting Started

Poster 14

Developing PBIS Within an Australian Specialist School Culture

Susan Coull & Kai Pukarinen, Naranga School (Frankston, Victoria, AU)

This poster will present the differences between our Australian specialist school and schools in the

US, highlighting the triangulation of our approach that employs School-wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS), Restorative Practices, and Team Teach.

Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Restorative Practices, Universal/Tier I

Poster 15

The Danville Public Schools Way: In Class, On Time, No Office

Tia Hairston & Alicia Hightower, Danville Public Schools (Danville, VA)

This poster will display implementation strategies appropriate for a small rural district, including school displays and celebrations. An original music video featuring school and central office administrators will be showcased.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Urban Implementation

Poster 16

Improving School Climate: Research-based Strategies to Get the Job Done

Sarah Hearn, Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project (Newark, DE)

Positive school climate is related to many important outcomes. Schools need valid measures of climate as well as research-based strategies for improvement. This poster will share an overview of specific survey tools and available professional development resources aimed at improving domains of school climate.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Evaluation/Research, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 17

On the Same Page: Navigating the Integration of Trauma-Informed Practices within the PBIS Framework

Megan Pell & Debby Boyer, Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project (Newark, DE)

Integrating trauma-informed practices within existing PBIS framework is a process that can be challenging, but can provide schools with additional opportunities to further support students, staff, and families in meaningful ways. This poster will share tools and sample activities to engage in this process at the state, district, and school-level.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Mental Health, Aligning Systems

Poster 18

Lights, Camera, Action Plan

Katie Andreasen, Excelsior Springs School District (Excelsior Springs, MO)

Action planning is key to the successful creation of an effective PBIS framework. Administrative leadership is vital in discipline efforts. This poster will focus on the importance of the action plan having a clear, relevant, and deliberate section dedicated to leadership, specifically administration.  

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 19

Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Tier II: Triangulating Data Sources for Unbiased Student Identification at Tier II

Brooke Wagner, Frontier Community Coalition (Lovelock, NV)

Identifying students at Tier II can often be difficult, especially without data rules to guide those decisions. To increase equity in Tier II practices, and decrease biased referrals, data decision rules are created to help guide the Tier II team and process. This poster will demonstrate how to guide teams in choosing data that will identify and screen the students in need of advanced tier support, and reduce bias in identification of those students.  

Topic/Category: Data Systems, Tier II, Universal Screening

Poster 20

One Intermediate School District’s Journey to Positive School Climate: Genesee County, MI

Nicolette Cheff & Cherie Wager, Genesee Intermediate School District (Flint, MI)

This poster will include data collection around PBIS and multi-tiered systems within a school building or district, as well as summary data and testimony from participating districts in one county in Michigan. Data availability from center-based programs, early childhood programs, day treatment programs, and academies will be provided. Products surrounding promoting Positive School Climate such as brochures, organizational charts, and visual graphics, will also be provided.   

Topic/Category: Mental Health, Aligning Systems, Evaluation/Research

Poster 21

Genesee Intermediate School District: Early Childhood Multi-tiered System of Support Journey

Shannon Weist & Katrina Burnham, Genesee Intermediate School District (Flint, MI)

This poster will provide an overview of an one intermediate school district’s (ISD) journey to create a collaborative Early Childhood tiered system of support across multiple programs. The story of how the ISD overcame numerous challenges, including the Flint Water Crisis, multiple program requirements, and programs which historically worked independently, ultimately resulting in one cohesive team, will be shared.

Topic/Category: Early Childhood, Urban Implementation, Data Systems

Poster 22

Scaling up to Tier II

Tracy Hansen & Ashley Janssen, Granite School District (Salt Lake City, UT)

Addressing the question of how to create a systematic Tier II system in your school or district? This poster will give the details of a system and the data used to scale up implementation.  

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, District Planning/Training, Tier II

Poster 23

Last Piece of the Puzzle: Using Effective Tools to Get the Whole Picture

Rhonda Harris & Kelly Petaccio, Griffin-Spalding County Schools (Griffin, GA)

What is that last piece of the puzzle? This poster will examine one way to move students from entry to exit by using innovative tools to find the missing pieces, from evaluating and matching students to interventions, to looking at how to determine when a student has made progress and achieved success.

Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Data Systems, Foundations/Getting Started

Poster 24

PBIS School to Home Connections

Mirinda Roberts & Julie Mahl, Helke Elementary (Vandalia, OH)

Helke Elementary is a 2016 Ohio PBIS Bronze award winner for their implementation of Tier I, with a strong school to home connection. This poster will present detailed information on how to develop home and community partnerships, sharing both successes and challenges when building a strong home to family relationship.  

Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, Family/Community Engagement, Using Technology

Poster 25

Using Data to Help Turnaround an Urban School

Rebecca (Mulhim) Calloway, Herzl School of Excellence (Chicago, IL)

This poster will illustrate how a Chicago Public School (CPS) Turnaround School used an online platform to improve PBIS efforts by integrating restorative practices, reducing misconduct, and increasing student time in class.

Topic/Category: Urban Implementation, Restorative Practices, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 26

Engaging Students in School Climate Improvement: Utilizing the Student Engagement Instrument

Elizabeth Cardenas & Lisa F.  Jones, Hillsborough County Public Schools (Tampa, FL)

This poster will demonstrate how including a measure of student engagement, such as the Student Engagement Instrument (SEI), complements PBIS particularly in connecting school supports and enhancing a multi-tiered system of supports for behavior for School Climate Transformation Grant schools in Tampa, Florida.   

Topic/Category: Mental Health, Aligning Systems, Tier II

Poster 27

Teacher Perceptions: Culturally Responsive Practices within PBIS

Jeanne Connelly, Iowa State University (Ames, IA)

This poster will describe how six elementary classroom teachers evaluated PBIS implementation in their school using a Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) lens. The study addressed school-wide structures, teachers’ classroom management practices, and how the teacher supported Black students, specifically. PBIS Tier I and II structures and practices were found to both support and limit cultural responsiveness.  

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Classroom Applications, Equity

Poster 28

Prescott School: Enhancing Tier I with Restorative Techniques
Enomwoyi Booker & D'ouita Woods, Prescott School (Oakland, CA)

This poster will focus on the impact of proactive, restorative interventions to address student behaviors before

requiring administrator involvement. Learn about the effect of one school’s year-long use of these interventions, along with school-wide systems in place, including defined expectations, an acknowledgement system, and a discipline system.

Topic/Category:Universal/Tier I, Urban Implementation, Data Systems

Poster 29

Expanding our Reach: A Regional Educational Agency Supporting PBIS Implementation in K-12 Schools Across a Rural County

Josh Townsley & Carrie Rabbitt, Lewis Cass Intermediate School District (Cassopolis, MI)

This poster will describe how a small, rural educational service agency has partnered with a statewide PBIS project to develop a system of supports for enduring high-fidelity PBIS implementation. Learn how the leadership team has used the District Capacity Assessment (DCA) to develop strategic goals and monitor progress in establishing key supports for effective implementation.

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, District Planning/Training, Evaluation/Research

Poster 30

Using Data to Develop a High School Tier I PBIS System

Ashley Rila & Allison Bruhn, Liberty High School (North Liberty, IA)

University, district, and school personnel (including students) used data from multiple sources to guide the creation of an enhanced Tier I plan at a high school. This poster will describe the professional development series to guide Tier I planning, student survey, Self-Assessment Survey (SAS), and Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)  results, and the Tier I plan.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, District Planning/Training, High School Implementation

Poster 31

PBIS Gets on the Bus!

Victoria Gelbert & Casey Stanton, Madison County Public Schools (Madison, VA)

This poster will show data, systems, and practices implemented to increase positive bus behavior and decrease office bus referrals. Learn how a Virginia school division serving over 1,400 students and fourteen K-12 buses, found the essential elements for success through bus driver voice and participation.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 32

Closing the Discipline Gap through School-wide PBIS Implementation

Anthony James & Katelyn Palmer, Miami University (Oxford, OH)

This poster will review a study that analyzed three years of discipline data for Black and White students in Ohio schools. Attendees will learn how PBIS implementation and other school-level demographic variables are associated with the closing and widening of the discipline gap in order to enhance equitable discipline practices.

Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Equity, Evaluation/Research

Poster 33

Developing a District Coaching System to Ensure Equitable Access to High-Quality Coaching Supports

David Gough & Sarah Weaver, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Holland, MI)

This poster will highlight the critical components of a district coaching system to support the sustained use of effective innovations at the building and classroom levels.  

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, Technical Assistance, District Planning/Training

Poster 34

Getting Precise with Grade Level Problem Solving

Melissa Nantais & Stephanie Dyer, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Portage, MI)

Often grade level behavioral concerns can be overlooked due to school-wide needs. Engaging in problem solving at the grade level can empower grade level teachers to address high frequency, low intensity behavior needs. This poster will highlight a structure for engaging in grade-level problem solving using drill-down data from the School-wide Information System (SWIS).

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Data Systems

Poster 35

Four Essential Questions Guiding District Data Review

Melissa Nantais & Allison Olivo, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Flint, MI)

This poster will highlight the process used within Michigan’s School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG) of conducting a district-level data review guided by four essential questions. This data review process results in specific implementation plans for districts’ continuous improvement process.

Topic/Category: Data Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 36

Sustainability of PBIS: Continuing the Journey

Allison Olivo & Valerie Vandlen, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Flint, MI)

This poster will highlight the process within Michigan’s School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG) to assist regional and district leadership teams in developing sustainable systems to support School-wide PBIS beyond the three-year training scope & sequence provided. Supports for coaches, trainers, and PBIS Coordinators will be shared.

Topic/Category: Other, District Planning/Training, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 37

Coaching Guides: Resources for Effective & Efficient Coaches

Allison Olivo & Valerie Vandlen, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Flint, MI)

This poster will highlight a guiding document for coaches within Michigan’s School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG), who are currently implementing school-wide PBIS. The Coaching Guides have been developed to support the organization of coaches, facilitate strong team structures, and assist coaches in promoting implementation of PBIS with fidelity.

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, Data Systems, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 38

The Michigan Model Pilot for Reducing Disproportionality in Discipline

Ruth Payno-Simmons & Beth Hill, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Holland, MI)

This poster will provide an overview of the four-year journey of Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Supports Initiative (MIBLSI) collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education and National PBIS Center. The pilot’s purpose is to develop an implementation model seeking to increase equitable practices and reduce discipline disproportionality related to race and ethnicity.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Equity

Poster 39

PBIS to Support Michigan's Efforts to Reduce Seclusions & Restraints

Matthew Hoge & Mark Fynewever, Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative (Kalamazoo, MI)

This poster will present Michigan’s Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative’s (MIBLSI) work with school districts and partnering schools in support of Michigan’s legislation to reduce use of seclusion and restraint. Current data, including District Capacity Assessments (DCA), Reach, Tiered Fidelity Inventories (TFI), and partner satisfaction survey results will be reported, alongside  upcoming work to collect and action plan around seclusion and restraint data.

Topic/Category: Technical Assistance, Foundations/Getting Started, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 40

Creating Capacity: A Seven-Year Journey of Implementing PBIS

Arturo Casillas & Sean Taylor, Mount Diablo Unified School District (Concord, CA)

This poster will show how one school district has implemented PBIS with fidelity in over 32 schools. From monthly "PBIS Coordinator Meeting" model to unique, inter-site resource sharing strategies that used to increase buy-in, collaboration and accountability, visitors will walk away with new ideas to implement at their own site.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, Coaching Systems

Poster 41

Nevada's School Climate Transformation Project

Kaci Fleetwood & Jodie Soracco, Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center (Reno, NV)

This poster will describe the statewide implementation of PBIS in Nevada as a result of the School Climate Transformation Grant. State and local systems, practices, and data will be shared.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Urban Implementation, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 42

Novel Applications: PBIS in Youth Parole

Kathryn M. Roose & Holly Seniuk, Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center (Reno, NV)

PBIS in alternative settings has paved the way for even more novel settings. This project that will be shared through this poster was guided by one state’s experiences in traditional PBIS, but required significant adaptation based on the organization’s context and needs. This poster will share our experiences,  and discuss the utility of PBIS "outside of the box."

Topic/Category: Juvenile Justice

Poster 43

Empowering Coaches Through Self-management

Jodie Soracco & Kathryn Roose, Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center (Reno, NV)

Total Performance System for Coaching was developed to assist coaches to work largely unsupervised while still having a roadmap for personal and organizational success. This poster will cover measures to evaluate progress, feedback on progress towards goals, performance charts/tactical improvement plan, and performance-based incentives.   

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems

Poster 44

Data Informed Professional Development Model for Systems Coaching

Jaraun M. Ransome & Erika Boerger Daniel, Newport News Public Schools (Newport News, VA)

This poster will describe professional development to ensure fidelity, increase understanding of behavioral instructional strategies, FBA-BIP, beginning restorative practices, and utilization of data system to make data driven decisions. Focus will be on reducing disproportionality of discipline, overall discipline, and harassing behaviors, thereby increasing instructional time and implementation tiered level of supports.

Topic/Category: FBA/BIP, Data Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 45

RISE Academy Second Chances...New Beginnings

Amie Cumming & Phalanda Perriman, Newton County Schools (Covington, GA)

This poster will show the course completion, end of course test, and Georgia Milestone data success of our students in this alternative program designed on the basis of PBIS, compared to their peers in the regular setting. Student testimony clips will demonstrate the behavior transformations.

Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Blending Academics/Behavior, Restorative Practices

Poster 46

PBIS Year in Review: One School’s Story

Kay Ziegler & Elizabeth Kramer, Northbrook District 27 (Northbrook, IL)

This poster will contain slides from a presentation which summarize the activities, data, and acknowledgements from the 2017-18 school year, highlighting the impact of PBIS implementation on one suburban school. The intent of sharing this data with school staff is to reinforce the building's efforts and use of SWIS data within the PBIS process by showing areas of improvement or forecasting goals for the future.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Data Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 47

Applying Behavior Intervention Plans in Classrooms to Decrease Targeted Behaviors

Kelli Tibbitts & Brittni Mejac, Notre Dame College (Cleveland, OH)

This poster will provide information about the specific training provided for staff prior to and during implementation of Behavior Implementation Plans (BIP), with data to document targeted behavior prior to and after implementation of the BIPs in schools. Information regarding the documentation, and data connected to the implementation of crisis plans in schools prior to and after implementation of BIPs, will also be provided.

Topic/Category: FBA/BIP, Classroom Applications, Crisis Management

Poster 48

Enhancing PBIS Implementation with Motivation & Engagement Supports: The McKinley Elementary School Experience

Michael Petrasek, Anthony Pizzuti, Carrie McClure, Michelle Nizen, Merrie Darrah & Amity Noltemeyer, Ohio Department of Education (Columbus, OH)

This poster will highlight one elementary school’s efforts to assess and enhance student and staff motivation and engagement within their PBIS structures. Attendees will learn how the school has collected and used data, engaged in systematic and collaborative planning, and implemented classroom lessons and school-wide activities that support motivated learners.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Classroom Applications

Poster 49

Ohio's Early Childhood PBIS Demonstration Project

Rebecca Brinkman-Clayman, Ohio Department of Education (Dayton, OH)

This poster will describe year-one results of Ohio’s completion of the Early Childhood PBIS Demonstration Project.  Using a logic model, the state workgroup, regional trainers, programs, and children assisted in identifying strategies and barriers to quality implementation of developmentally appropriate practices and adult strategies for early childhood programs in 15 demonstration sites.

Topic/Category: Early Childhood, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 50

How Much is Enough? Applying a Multi-tiered Framework to the Implementation of the Check-in Check-out Intervention

Meredith Weber & Lindsay Allenbach, Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK)

A common Tier II behavioral intervention within multi-tiered PBIS models is Check-in Check-out (CICO). This poster will describe a case study that investigated the level of implementation at which CICO was effective in improving behavior for one kindergarten student. Implications for treatment fidelity and multicomponent interventions within a multi-tiered framework will be discussed.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Tier II

Poster 51

Using Google to Improve Your PBIS System

Chase Kitterman & Steven Powell, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative (Hominy, OK)

Utilizing free Google programs, sites can create materials and resources to assist in the implementation and sustainability of PBIS. This poster will provide audiences with examples of one educational, interlocal cooperative’s experience in utilizing Google to enhance the PBIS system of the rural schools it serves.

Topic/Category: Using Technology

Poster 52

Building Sustainable PBIS Systems: Past & Future Directions

Hannah M. West & Lindsay Allenbach, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative (Hominy, OK)

As grant-funded projects end, sustainability becomes the core focus of project activities. This poster will present a variety of implementation practices, including teacher feedback, utilized to build sustainability in rural schools.

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, Evaluation/Research

Poster 53

Unique Stories of PBIS: Implementation in Rural Schools

Meghan Coleman & Kortney Rist, Osage County Interlocal Cooperative (Hominy, OK)

Rural schools face unique challenges to implement PBIS when compared to schools in suburban and urban settings.  How do rural schools find ways around these challenges to implement PBIS with fidelity? This poster will look at how one educational interlocal cooperative assisted rural schools in the implementation and sustainability of PBIS.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Other, District Planning/Training

Poster 54

Evaluating Intensive Classroom Interventions Used with Students with Chronic Behavioral Issues

Chris Huzinec, Pearson Clinical Learning Services (Spring, TX)

This poster will feature an evaluation of classroom-based Tier III interventions used in individualized behavior plans of students with behavioral support needs served in special education. Specifically, it examines the effectiveness of five common classes of interventions, including academic and classroom modifications, social interactions, and contingency-based and mental health Interventions.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Evaluation/Research, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 55

Engagement Specialists: An Essential Piece of the Social Emotional Learning Puzzle

Mackenzie Sheahan, Jennifer Carson & Jessica Rosecrans, Portage Public School District (Portage, MI)

This poster will feature one school district’s development, data, and lessons learned from first-year implementation efforts of elementary Engagement Specialists. The Engagement Specialist has proven to be a vital position in the process of strengthening and scaling up the tiered behavioral system, including the School-wide PBIS system and social-emotional learning (SEL).

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, District Planning/Training, Foundations/Getting Started

Poster 56

Online Coaching Certificate for School-wide PBIS

Chris Borgmeier & Tracy Williams-Murphy, Portland State University (Portland, OR)

This poster will describe the fully online School-wide PBIS Coaching Certificate offered through Portland State University providing training for PBIS Coaches and organizational leaders to develop and implement district, regional, and state level systems to support school implementation of School-wide PBIS across all three tiers.

Topic/Category: Coaching Systems, Data Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 57

Academic & Behavioral Response to Intervention: Establishing Foundations & Building Sustainability

Dianne Clare & Susan Robertson, Project ABRI (Louisville, KY)

This poster will highlight the Academic and Behavioral Response to Intervention (ABRI) framework when implementing MTSS for academics and behavior. Emphasis will be on structural processes, teaching analysis, data collection and implementation impact in a large, urban district. Data will focus on two high poverty schools who transformed systems to create positive student outcomes.

Topic/Category: Blending Academics/Behavior, Technical Assistance, Foundations/Getting Started

Poster 58 - Cancelled

Poster 59

R.A.P.I.D. Behaviour Strategies

Robert Vint, Richmond School District 38 (Richmond, BC)

This poster will describe one district’s compilation of evidence-based strategies that lead school teams through interventions that quickly support students demonstrating challenging behaviour. R.A.P.I.D. stands for: Reinforce desired behaviours; Adjust expectations; Provide effective instructions; Instruct alternate skills; Discourage problem behaviour.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Coaching Systems, Tier II

Poster 60

PBIS at a Middle School

Carrie Brumm & Matt Berry, Ritenour Middle School (St. Louis, MO)

This poster will describe the “fresh start” for a middle school that felt the school-wide systems in place needed a booster so students could strive for measurable goals, higher standards, and achieve behavioral and academic success. Sample school-based documents will be shared, along with outcome data regarding referrals and student achievement.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Classroom Applications, Restorative Practices

Poster 61

Evidence-based Social Skills for Tier I & Tier II

Jodi LaChance & Leanne Moinian, Riverside County Office of Education (Riverside, CA)

This poster will provide examples of evidence-based social skill interventions for students at Tier I and Tier II.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Tier II

Poster 62

Changing Classroom Behaviour at the High School Level

Sharonne Telfer & Jennifer Payne, Rypple (Donnybrook, Western Australia)

This poster will present an investigation of the functional relationship between multi-component professional learning, high school teachers’ use of specific behavioural feedback, and opportunities to respond to and subsequent effect on student behaviour and engagement.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, High School Implementation

Poster 63

Tier II & Tier III Interventions with Special Education Populations

Priscilla Boyd, Southwest Cook County Cooperative Association for Special Education (Oak Forest, IL)

This poster will describe Tier II and Tier III interventions developed for special education populations. Through cooperation with Board Certified Behavioral Analyst specialists and child psychiatry, the programs have developed unique Tier II and III interventions that are easy and quick to implement.

Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 64

Connecticut's School Climate Transformation Grant: What We Have Learned

Sarah L. Jones & Kimberly Traverso, State Education Resource Center (Middletown, CT)

This poster will present the results gathered across the first four years of Connecticut's State Education Agency School Climate Transformation Grant as it enters its final year. An analysis of the 173 Tiered Fidelity Inventory surveys completed, and an examination of the intensive training provided to six districts, will be shared.

Topic/Category: Evaluation/Research, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 65

The Safe Bus Ride: Implementing PBIS on the School Bus

Serbrenia J. Sims, Surry County Public Schools (Surry, VA) & RIck Bowmaster, Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)

Surry County School Division collaborated with Virginia Commonwealth University and the Virginia Department of Education to create training modules for bus drivers related to managing student behaviors. This poster will share components of the modules, and describe how district-wide bus expectations decreased referrals and lowered bus suspensions.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 66

Training up Tier II in the Tri-star State

Brooke C. Shuster & Dia Davis, Tennessee Behavior Supports Project (Nashville, TN)

This poster will present the Tennessee Behavior Supports Project’s (TBSP) unique approach to training at Tier II, and the eight key elements for structuring Tier II interventions for school implementation within the MTSS framework. The structure uses Check-In Check-Out as an illustrative example.

Topic/Category: Technical Assistance, Tier II, State Level Planning/Training

Poster 67

The Application of PBIS Supports to Students with Learning & Behavioral Challenges

Karen V. Wilson & Cheyenne E. Rhodes, The American School for the Deaf (West Hartford, CT)

This poster will enable participants to learn about the PBIS frameworks and how they can positively impact students with learning and behavioral challenges.

Topic/Category: Mental Health, Alternative Settings, Data Systems

Poster 68

Decreasing Off-Task Behaviors for Students in Advanced Tiers: A Systematic Literature Review

Xin Xu, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

This poster will feature a systematic review involving the collection and summarization of recent empirical articles examining off-task behavior interventions for students in advanced tiers. The review will seek to identify the list of current interventions, the common elements of effective interventions, and how the interventions affect school-age children’s development in academic, behavioral, and social domains.

Topic/Category: FBA/BIP, Blending Academics/Behavior, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 69

Alignment & Practices of PBIS within a Community-School & University Partnership

Justin Evanovich & Patricia Bellamy, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

This poster will showcase alignment, data, and practices of PBIS as part of an intensive and sustained PreK-8th urban community school & university partnership.  

Topic/Category: Urban Implementation, Aligning Systems, Foundations/Getting Started

Poster 70

Are Special Education Teachers Prepared to Make Data-Based Decisions?

Sarah Wilkinson, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

This poster will present a syllabus review from special education programs around the country. It will report the extent to which special education teachers are trained to use data and monitor behavior interventions during teacher preparation programs.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Evaluation/Research, High School Implementation

Poster 71

School-wide PBS in Alternative Educational Settings: A Systematic Review of Literature

Sang Gyu Byun, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

This poster will describe a systematic review conducted to gather information of the effectiveness of School-wide PBS in alternative educational settings. Despite the small number of studies identified (N = 7), results were positive, including decreasing ODRs, physical restraints, and seclusion. Suggestions for research in alternative settings in the future will be discussed.

Topic/Category: Alternative Settings

Poster 72

Martial Arts for Youth Development: It May Be More Effective to At-risk Students

Sang Gyu Byun & Jun Young Cho, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

A systematic literature review was conducted on using martial arts to promote self-skills (e.g., self-determination, self-control). The results that will be presented in this poster indicate that the use of martial arts is associated with self-regulatory skills improvement. Other outcomes that will be discussed include positive feedback to others and delayed gratification.

Topic/Category: Tier II/Tier III

Poster 73

Tier II Behavioral Interventions that Promote Least Restrictive Environments in Urban Settings

Anne Clark & Amanda Passmore, University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL)

This poster will present a literature review that explores behavioral interventions utilized in elementary school classrooms to address behavior challenges in children with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). Outcome data, as well as salient factors of interventions that are relevant to the challenges faced by urban educators, will be discussed.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Evaluation/Research, Tier II

Poster 74

Review of Culturally Adapted Pro-social School-based Interventions for Underrepresented Students

Christerralyn Brown & Dan Maggin, University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL)

This poster will present research that proposes a set of program adaptation guidelines that emphasize balancing program fidelity and adaptation as a best practice for improved prevention/intervention program outcomes.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Classroom Applications, Evaluation/Research

Poster 75

Educators Perspective on Culturally Adapting Classroom Behavior Plans

Christerralyn Brown & Dan Maggin, University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Culturally responsive pedagogy is described in multiple contexts. This poster will present research reflecting an increase in understanding of how culturally responsive practices can be the focus of school-based learning communities and support the dedication of individual teachers.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Urban Implementation, Evaluation/Research

Poster 76

Tiered Systems of Support for Staff Self-care in Restrictive Settings

Skip Kumm, University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL) & Sara Sanders, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)

This poster will offer current evidence-based interventions for staff self-care in the context of the three-tiered system of support. Staff who work with youth in more restrictive settings frequently display signs of occupational stress and burnout, which can be decreased through the implementation of self-care practices that will be presented here.  

Topic/Category: Mental Health, Other, Juvenile Justice

Poster 77

Data-based Decision Making for Tiered Professional Development

Heather L. Hatton & Sarah Loeb, University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)

This poster will present systems for developing and delivering data-based professional development to increase implementation fidelity across all school staff, discuss struggles with implementation of Tier I School-wide PBIS practices in classrooms, and highlight ways to develop relevant, ongoing, tiered professional development.

Topic/Category: Classroom Applications, Coaching Systems, Data Systems

Poster 78

Tier I PBIS in a Youth Mental Health Facility

Holly Seniuk, University of Nevada, Reno (Reno, NV)

This poster will describe a model for implementing PBIS Tier I in a residential youth mental health setting. Barriers encountered and the solutions used to address those challenges will be described, along with outcome data from the first year of implementation.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice

Poster 79

Harnessing Your Biggest Asset: Youth Leadership in PBIS

Heidi Cloutier, University of New Hampshire (Concord, NH)

This poster will include the continuum of youth engagement in the MTSS process, describe the benefits of youth engagement, provide examples of how to engage youth across all tiers of support, summarize implementation data before and after youth engagement, and include resources to assist other schools.  

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Tier II/Tier III, Tier II

Poster 80

Understanding How Schools are Using the School-wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory

Angus Kittelman & Kent McIntosh, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)

This poster will present findings from over 8,000 school teams who completed the School-wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) during the 2016-17 school year. Findings will describe how schools are using the TFI, and offer recommendations for how coaches and teams can improve implementation of critical School-wide PBIS features.

Topic/Category: Data Systems, Evaluation/Research

Poster 81

Use of I-SWIS by Elementary Schools Implementing Individualized (Tier III) PBIS Supports

Robert Horner & Katie Conley, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)

Schools implementing School-wide PBIS are actively interested in moving beyond Tier I supports and toward the addition of Tier II and Tier III supports. This poster will present a sample of Tier III student support data collected by 84 elementary schools for the 2016-17 school year in the I-SWIS data system.

Topic/Category: Data Systems, Tier II/Tier III

Poster 82

Improving the Social Behavior of High School Students with Behavioral Challenges Through Self-management Technology

Kathryn Dooley, University of Saint Joseph (West Hartford, CT)

This poster will present a single subject withdrawal study of a self-management application with self-reinforcement about the on-task behavior of two high school students with emotional and behavioral Disorders.

Topic/Category: Alternative Settings, High School Implementation, Using Technology

Poster 83

Measuring the Implementation of Multi-tiered Systems of Support:  The PoP-R & Revised CCCs

Kelli S. Henson & Betsy Lazega, University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

This poster will introduce recently revised assessment tools: the Perceptions of Practices Survey Revised (PoP-R) and Revised Tier I and Tier II/III Critical Components Checklists (CCCs) and. These research-based tools were designed to assist school teams in developing and sustaining a high quality integrated Multi-Tiered System of Support.

Poster 84

The New FAPE Under Endrew F.:  Recommendations for Educators

Laura Kern & Heather George, University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

This poster will present recommendations and implications for addressing free appropriate public education (FAPE) after the Supreme Court case of Endrew F. through the monitoring of progress in MTSS and in Individualized Education Programs (IEP), Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), and Behavior Support Plans (BSP).

Topic/Category: Other, Classroom Applications, Technical Assistance

Poster 85

Strategic Planning & Implementation: Integrating CASEL Core Competencies within a PBIS Framework

Kristin Hendricks & Carolyn Schmidt, Wake County Public School System (Cary, NC)

This poster will outline how to implement The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)’s core competencies using PBIS as a framework. A modified version of the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) outlines team structures, implementation, and data and evaluation for explicitly delivering standards aligned with units of instruction and intervention for all students. Suggestions for leadership, competency, and organizational implementation drivers will be provided.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I, Aligning Systems, District Planning/Training

Poster 86

PBIS Staff Handbooks Provide Framework for Systems Building

Shannon Huff & Lara Slee, Waverly Community Schools (Lansing, MI)

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I

This poster presentation will provide information about six schools in Waverly Community Schools who have created staff handbooks to guide their PBIS systems work. The handbooks contain explicit information about each component of school-wide PBIS. Each school has customized the guide’s contents to fit its context. The handbooks document each school’s PBIS practices and provide common practices for all staff to integrate into their work.

Poster 87

Sharpening the Tools in Your Tool Box! Setting Students Up for Success & Getting Them Ready to Learn

Delanie Lombardo, Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)

This poster will illustrate Tier I interventions implemented in a special education classroom that resulted in increased effective classroom management and helped prepare students for instruction. Interventions included training about the importance of praise and learner readiness skills. These strategies increased teachers’ use of praise and students’ readiness to learn skills.

Topic/Category: Universal/Tier I

Poster 88

Using Collaborative Learning Strategies: Network-based Implementation of School-wide PBIS

Monique Nelen & Joke Kamstra, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (Zwolle, Netherlands)

This poster will describe how one university experimented with a network-based form of coaching Dutch schools in implementing School-wide PBIS. In a network of five schools, participants cooperated in developing staff training and materials, and action planning for their own school. A School-wide PBIS expert provided training, support and guidance to make this professional collaboration successful.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Coaching Systems

Poster 89

A Roadmap to Building & Implementing Successful Tier II Supports for Students

Joanne King, Lisa Breed & Jacquelyn Pelusi, Wood End Elementary School (Reading, MA)

This poster will showcase one school’s journey from installation to outcomes, highlighting both achievements and challenges. It will summarizea unique implementation of Mind Up and Check-In Check-Out (CICO), two Tier II interventions selected for students with internalizing and externalizing behaviors.

Topic/Category: Aligning Systems, Foundations/Getting Started, Tier II

Poster 90

The Integration of PBIS & Cultural Responsiveness: Closing the Discipline Gap by Moving Toward Culturally Responsive Schools

Felisha Parsons, Evanston School District (Evanston, IL)

This poster will present how the integration of PBIS with culturally responsive practices can help decrease disproportionality, build relationships, and positively impact academic/behavioral development.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Blending Academics/Behavior, Equity

Poster 91

Using PBIS to Change Exclusionary Discipline Practices in Texas

William Calderhead, Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, TX)

This poster will review the results of research on exclusionary discipline practices in Texas, the state with the nation’s second largest public-school system, where two-thirds of the population are students of color, demonstrating the need for consistent implementation of PBIS.

Topic/Category: Cultural Relevancy, Juvenile Justice, State Level Planning/Training